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Family Crest Moreland's of the World Family Crest
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List of Individuals
Jones, Kenneth Brindley
Jones, Keri Alexandra
Jones, Michael
Jones, Rachel
Jones, Rosser
Jones, Susan
Jr., Arthur Moreland
Jr., Arthur Moreland (1)
Jr., William Henry Noice
Kensit, Patsy
Kensit, Peter
Knight, Ann
Lewis, James
Lewis, Sarah
Lloyd, ?
Male, Albert
Male, Andrew
Male, Bertram Edward
Male, Doris
Male, Eileen Joyce
Male, Elizabeth
Male, Frederick James
Male, Graham
Male, Gwendoline Eileen
Male, Gwendoline Mary
Male, Harry
Male, Heather
Male, James
Male, James Peter
Male, Leslie George
Male, Linda Gillian
Male, Michael
Male, Molly
Male, Peggy Joyce
Male, Raymond
Male, Ronald Victor
Male, Soloman
Male, Soloman (1)
Male, Steven
Male, Suzy
Male, William
Male, Zoe Ann Amelia
May, Edith
McHale, Jenny
McHale, Macdonald
McHale, Macdonald (1)
Meaney, Harriet Eliza
Moreland, Albert
Moreland, Amelia Morris
Moreland, Arthur Washington Charles
Moreland, Betty
Moreland, Bradley
Moreland, Charles
Moreland, Charles Giles
Moreland, Chelsea
Moreland, Clarance
Moreland, David
Moreland, Dorthey Florence
Moreland, Elizabeth
Moreland, Emma Gertrude
Moreland, Frederick George
Moreland, George William
Moreland, Gwen
Moreland, Ivor
Moreland, Ivor (1)
Moreland, Jane
Moreland, Jannie
Moreland, John
Moreland, John (1)
Moreland, John (2)
Moreland, Josephine Annie
Moreland, Julia
Moreland, June
Moreland, Karen
Moreland, Kyle
Moreland, Lauretta Eva
Moreland, Mark Anthony
Moreland, Mary
Moreland, Mary Martha
Moreland, Mary Martha Elizabeth
Moreland, Maud E.
Moreland, Michael Ryan
Moreland, Patsy
Moreland, Raymond
Moreland, Robert
Moreland, Roger Frederick
Moreland, Rosemary
Moreland, Sarah Lousie
Moreland, Sian Elizabeth
Moreland, Stephen Paul
Moreland, Stuart Colin
Moreland, Tom
Moreland, Trevor George
Moreland, Winifred
Morris, Margaret Ann
Nicklen, Claude

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