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Family Crest Moreland's of the World Family Crest
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List of Individuals
Rawlins, John (1)
Rawlins, Joseph
Rawlins, Maria
Rawlins, Rhoda
Rawlins, Robert
Rawlins, Rosa Maria
Rawlins, Samuel
Rawlins, Samuel (1)
Rawlins, Samuel John
Rawlins, Sarah
Rawlins, Sarah (1)
Rawlins, Sarah Ann
Rawlins, Stephen
Rawlins, Thomas
Rawlins, William
Rawlins, William (1)
Rawlins, William (2)
Reese, William
Richards, Derek
Richards, Derek (1)
Richards, Natasha
Rodgers, Herbert
Rogers, Dai
Rose, (1)
Russell, Allan
Russell, Kate Taylor
Santoro, Mike
Shannon, Martin
Shannon, Martin (1)
Shannon, Paul
Sherwood, Aldershott Trowbridge
Sherwood, Henry Samuel
Simmons, Tom
Sims, Claire
Sims, David
Sims, Jeremy
Sims, Kerry
Sims, Nicola
Singer, Joice or Joyce
Skillern, Edgar
Smith, ?
Smith, Cameron
Smith, Ernest
Smith, Ernest (1)
Smith, Freddie
Smith, Harold
Smith, Harry
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Kemyst
Smith, Lewis
Smith, Linton
Smith, Lysham
Smith, Rosa Edith
Smith, Thomas
Snelgrove, Barbara Kathleen Mary
Snelgrove, Frederick
Snelgrove, Frederick George
Spencer, George Hillman
Spencer, John Baker
Spencer, Selina Maria
Sr, William Henry Noice
Stewart, Bob
Stewart, Gillian
Stokes, Cyntha
Stokes, Fred
Stokes, Fred (1)
Stokes, Janet
Stokes, Jean
Taylor, Barbara
Telfer, Christopher
Telfer, Craig
Telfer, Michael
Telfer, Philip
Tucker, Martha
Vera, (1)
Waight, Samuel Wait or
Waite, Nancy or Ann
Welby, Mark
Whitehouse, Aaron
Whitehouse, Drew
Whitehouse, Frederick
Williams, Ada Ann
Williams, Allison
Williams, Anne
Williams, Betty
Williams, Cheryl
Williams, Chloe Nicole
Williams, Clifford Stanley
Williams, Colin
Williams, Colin Joseph
Williams, Dale

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